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Network World

The mJoose smartphone case comes with three different functions in one handy case.

…The booster will increase a signal reception by up to 100x, which means fewer dropped calls or the loss of data connections….
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The mJoose case extends your battery life and reception while reducing radiation simultaneously

The mJoose it is a smartphone case that promises to amplify your signal, extend your smartphone’s battery life, and reduce the amount of radiation that your smartphone emits.
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Digital Trends

Improve your phone’s reception and extend its battery life with the mJoose case.

…Particularly if you end up with an mJoose smartphone case, which promises to amplify signal — oh, and it will also extend your battery life and reduce radiation.
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Uplevel your phone with these cases and accessories from CES 2017

A CNET gallery of phone cases displayed at CES.
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Gadget Professor

Show #276 Review of the iPhone 6/6S Case

“I really like this, it’s very clever. Very economical and it works! It’s amazing.” Review begins at 2 minutes 40 seconds.
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Huffington Post

Power to the Smartphone Users!

The era of mobile devices has made us all power hungry! Let’s face it: None of us are happy with the battery life of our smartphones, tablets and headsets. Well, thanks to the folks at mJoose, things are about to change.
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PJ Media

Don’t Upgrade Your Phone, Add an Accessory Instead

If you think you need to upgrade to an expensive new smartphone because you don’t have the latest features, think again. While the industry wants us to keep replacing perfectly good phones, it can be very costly.
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Tech Times

A Smartphone Case That Promises Longer Battery Life and Better Cell Signal

Phone cases seem to be making a lot of promises these days. Take that Lifeproof case we looked at a day or two back that’ll give an iPhone battery a boost while snorkeling or tumbling down the side of a cliff.
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Geeky Gadgets

mJoose Smartphone Battery Case Also Improves Your Signal

If you find your smart phone signal strength is a little poor in certain areas you frequent on a daily basis, you might be interested in a new battery smartphone case called the mJoose.
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Snap Munk


When it comes to methods for boosting cell signal strength, there’s a lot of snake oil out there. More than a decade ago, we were introduced to Antenna Booster Stickers, which purported to improved the connectivity of the old Nokia brick phones.
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Tech Picks

mJoose: More Connectivity better Battery Life

If you are out in the market looking for a smartphone case that looks good while at the same time increases your battery life and signal strength then you could give mJoose a shot.
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Connected Crib

mJoose: Smartphone Case, Signal Booster, Battery Extender

Meet mJoose: a smartphone case with a battery extender and signal booster, allowing you to enjoy better quality calls for longer. Its (700-2100MHz) cell signal amplifier improves your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy signal strength.
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mJoose: Smartphone Case with Signal Booster & Battery Extender

Meet mJoose: a 3-in-1 smartphone case that protects your phone, boosts its signal, and extends its battery life. The case creates a better handshake with the tower, so you get a stronger signal for clearer calls.
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